Couplings from Buybearings

At Buybearings we have a vast range of Lead Manufacturers to back us up. We are currently UK Authorised Distributors for the Following Brands.

KTR Couplings – We are UK Authorised Distributors for KTR Couplings. KTR are world leaders in the Coupling industry offering a solution to every problem. ROTEX, BoWex & GEARex are just some of well know types of Coupling this manufacture has to offer. Shop Online Now

Rexnord Couplings – Over 100 Years Rexnord Couplings have paved the way forward in Coupling Solutions. Rexnord are Renown for Quality, Reliability and Easy Maintenance. We Offer the following Viva & Omega Couplings Online. Contact Us for Thomas, Addax & Tollock Products.

PIX Couplings - Having been very successful in the belting Industry (Click Here for Belts), PIX moved into the Coupling Sector covering the following - HRC type Couplings are one of the most Commonly used Couplings in all industrial applications, because of their simple design and availability. L Type Straight Tooth Jaw Coupling is another Standard Interchangeable Coupling.  Originally manufactured and most commonly known as Lovejoy Jaw Couplings – Shop Both Online Now

Siemens Flender is Market leaders in Coupling and Drive product and Solutions.  With the Complete Drive solution available Flender with Siemens and in association with Howcroft Industrial Supplies can provide a one stop solution for your Drive requirements – Contact Us for Pricing

Renold Couplings are ‘A’ Branded UK Manufactured Coupling. Renold Couplings are High Quality and readily available Coupling Solutions no matter the Application The Renold Coupling range consists of: Pinflex, Crownpin, Tyreflex, Discflex, Chainflex, Rigid, Gearflex (AGMA), Renoldflex, Hydrastart, PM, RBI, VF, HTB-GS - Contact Us for Pricing

Radicon Drives - Radicon formerly known as David Brown are lead Manufacturers in Geardrive Solutions, this includes the Couplings side of the Market.  With their flagship Cone Ring Couplings available on short Lead times, suitable for the Aggregate, Mining and General Industrial applications and the New Elflex Pin and Buffer Coupling as a direct replacement. Available On Short Lead times from Buybearings – Contact Us

Altra Couplings - With a wealth of leading manufacturing engineering experience, Buybearings are proud Distributors of the Altra Industrial Motion range, brands which includes Bibby Transmissions, TB Woods, Twiflex, Stromag, Huco and more; we can offer a complete solution with full traceability – Contact Us

Mayr - Mayr are a German manufacturer who are renowned and leaders in the manufacture of Safety Clutches and Torque Limiters.  With specially designed and economically efficient solutions, and with a wealth of Engineering knowledge, we are certain that the correct solution is just an enquiry away

Gates Couplings - Gates Power Transmission product is a Globally renowned Product, though known primarily for Belt Driven systems the Gates Engineers, using their years of Experience in the Automotive industry have developed and design a unique rubber sleeve Coupling to transmit torque to drive engine accessories and to dampen vibrations between two connected shafts - Call or Email us for Pricing

Korea Coupling - Korea Couplings are Manufacturers of High Quality Industrial Couplings; with these couplings we are able to offer a direct alterative to the FALK Steelflex Grid Couplings and the Wrapflex Jaw Couplings at considerable saving – Contact us from details

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