Falk Coupling Range

Rexnord-Falk Coupling Range 

Falk Couplings are at the apex of Coupling technology and are broke down into 3 different ranges - Steelflex, Lifelign & Wrapflex.

Buybearings now have access to the Rexnord-Falk Range under our Rexnord Distributorship and Rexnord Partnership.

Falk Steelflex Grid Couplings have been forefront of quality and are used in key critical applications. With their time and time again proven reliability Steelflex Grid Couplings are the most commonly used Grid Coupling in North America and across the globe.

Falk Lifelign Gear Couplings have specially designed triple crowned teeth; these Falk Couplings help to reduce wear caused by misalignment and prevent equipment and application damage from extreme loads.

Rexnord Falk Wrapflex Couplings non lubricated, ATEX Rated, material-flexing couplings. Wrapflex Couplings are used across a multitude of industries. Wrapflex Couplings are renowned for diminishing vibration and have superior misalignment capacities when compared to rival brands.