Gates Predator Range

Gates Predator Single Band Belts

Gates Predator® V-belts are manufactured with aramid tensile cords for unbeatable shock and stretch resistance. A specially treated double fabric cover equips this belt with a abrasion resistances which is unique to Gates Predator V-belts and makes them withstand debris, punctures, slippage and shearing forces.

The outer surface of the double fabric cover is created in a bare back (non rubber impregnated) construction to provide the ability to slip gracefully under heavy shock and impulse loads. Slippage that would annilate any other belt is easily dealt with by Predator 

Gates Predator Powerband Belts

Gates Predator Powerband Belts are at the forefront of belting technology, designed to withstand the most demanding applications and offer extreme resistances to vibration. Predator Powerband belts consist of several V Belts joined together by a permanent, high strength tie band allowing the belts to work as one unit

The Aramid tensile cords of Predator Powerband belts provide remarkable strength and durability that pound for pound stronger than steel

Upgrading your existing banded belts to Predator Powerband could significantly increase the belt life on your drive, severely reducing downtime

Buybearings are your Authorised Gates Distributors in the UK, Europe and across the Globe, please note Gates Predator Powerband belts are on a 5-7 day lead time